Magical March High Fantasy Edition

Leah marquette 01mini

Day 1: Princess

Leah marquette 02mini

Day 2: Amulet

Leah marquette 03mini

Day 3: Sidekick

Leah marquette 04mini

Day 4: Tomboy

Leah marquette 05mini

Day 5: Flight

Leah marquette 06mini

Day 6: Garden

Leah marquette 07mini

Day 7: School

Magical March High Fantasy Edition

Magical March is a series of illustration prompts not unlike Inktober, except the idea is to design characters after the Japanese "magical girl" tradition using the keyword of the day. Rather than take the prompts so literally, I decided to go in a different direction, toward the more "high fantasy" magic of Dungeons & Dragons, while simultaneously challenging myself to draw slightly more detailed backgrounds than usual.