Reclamation Team Alpha

Leah marquette action team final lineup

Pictured from left to right: Captain Andrea Petersen (cook), Kendra Leeson, (mechanic) Admiral Eliza Nuvel (weapons and navigation), Liz Kitching (tactical expedition), and Sadie (engineering and technology)

Leah marquette action team andrea

Now retired from the Galactic Navy, Captain Andrea Petersen sails the night skies with the love of her life, Eliza, whom she met in the service. She spends much of her time experimenting in the kitchen or talking to her daughter Sadie.

Leah marquette action team kendra

Young Kendra Leeson, bottom of the barrel in flight school, found her calling in interstellar mechanics after failing her practical flight exams and having to repair her ship to make it back to the training base.

Leah marquette action team eliza

Admiral Eliza Nuvel, admirably discharged from the Galactic Navy after receiving a leg injury while rescuing her crew members from a severe wreck, got the idea to form a reclamation company after fighting through the debris from her ship's crash.

Leah marquette action team liz

Liz Kitching joined Nuvel's team after being discovered stranded in a broken down single-person cruiser outside of Jupiter's ring system. Nobody knows what she was doing there, or why she is running from galactic authorities.

Leah marquette action team sadie

Sadie Petersen is actually Andrea Petersen's second cousin once removed, but due to complicated family relations, she was adopted by the Nuvel-Petersen family immediately after the couple left the Galactic Navy. She is incredibly bright for her age.

Reclamation Team Alpha

In the near future, as space exploration is just beginning to open up new frontiers, honorably discharged Galactic Naval Admiral Nuvel and her wife, Captain Petersen take it upon themselves to form a space reclamation crew to salvage debris from failed galactic and intergalactic missions. As they journey through the stars, their hodgepodge team grows, and added to their ranks are their adopted daughter Sadie, the clumsy mechanic Kendra, and the aloof refugee Liz. Together, their adventures take them farther than anyone has ever gone before.