Asha Grey's Historic Record

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As Asha weaves her way across the country, she sets out daily before dawn and keeps riding until long after dusk. Dannonvale meets her in each state capital for a brief update. This photo was taken just outside of Columbia, SC in early March.

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Asha's gear is lightweight and specially designed for speed. As a part of Dannonvale's campaign, every item she uses on her ride will be auctioned off at the end, and the proceeds will be donated to sport prosthetic development research.

Asha Grey's Historic Record

Asha Grey is a cross-country cyclist on a mission: as a promotion for her grandfather's cycling company's newest line of athletic gear, she has taken on the challenge of visiting as many continental U.S. state capitals as possible within a calendar year -- using only their equipment. Her goal is to visit all 48 states, but can she do it?